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Default Re: Bet/Fold seemed right?

I'm tempted to say check/call so let me review myself. If you bet/fold, you will fold QT and KT or make them pay when they won't bet the river UI. You won't fold a pair of Jacks very often but you might fold a pair of eights. So I like the bet/fold: it just forfeits your chance at hitting that gutshot after you already put in the one bb.

I'm not sure, there are a few scenarios I can forsee where check calling can still win you the pot UI, but there also there are some scenarios where betting will win you a pot that you would otherwise loose.

after reading the posts, i see that c/f is being discussed. You are getting the odds to call if you count 7 outs, which I think is reasonable. However, you are only winning about a 10th of a bb per call and given your reverse implied that slightly +ev call turns into -ev.

I posted a similar hand in small stakes earlier this week and JoeTall advised to c/f. I'm beginning to see why.
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