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Default Bankroll formulas with hourly rate and standard deviation

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic or not, but it seems closest to what I'm looking for.

After over a year of playing poker online for stakes that were too high for my bankroll, I think I've finally learned my lesson, and I'm trying to play with a proper strategy that will insure that I gradually increase my bankroll and insure that i have virtually no chance of going broke.

I am following Mark Blade's reccomendation of four hundred big bets. I am four-tabling $0.50/1 Limit Hold'em (full table) on PokerStars, and I started with $400. I have forced myself to play absolutely nothing else. I am keeping track of my results with CardPlayer's Poker Analyst, and so far after 76:36 of total playing time, I have made $116.50 for a total of 1.52 BB/hour. I am adding up the time for each individual table I play, so for every one hour of real time, it amounts to approximately four hours of total playing time, so the figure is really 1.52 BB per table per hour. Poker Analyst also tells me that my standard deviation, through 19 sessions of around one hour each (12 wins 7 losses), is 22.62. Here is what I want to know:

1. Does multi-tabling increase my fluctuation/volatility or increase my risk of going broke wiht 400 BB?
2. Is it accurate for me to record four hours of time if I play for one hour at four tables?
3. How many hours and/or sessions do I need to play for my hourly rate and standard deviation to be stable enough to be truthfully reflected by my results?
4. What is a "typical" standard deviation, and if my standard deviation is low enough, can I jump up to $1/2, or whatever the next level is, with fewer big bets in my bankroll? How low would my standard deviation have to be to do this?
5. Once I have acccurate enough figures for hourly rate and standard deviation, how do I then calculate what my bankroll should be? What is the formula?
6. Is there any literature about bankroll strategy and formulas (other than Blade, who I have read) that would be helpful to me?

Whoever has gotten to this point, thank you for reading the entire query and hopefully answering some of my questions.
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