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Default Re: Cardplayer Cruise Trip Rport

I'm early position during the Crazy Pinnaple round with AKx --Axs-- and raise..Felicia's behind me and I see her think about it, but come in anyway..

[/ QUOTE ]
I was debating whether or not I should re-raise. If it had been anyone else, no way I'm just smooth calling this hand. But that is the problem with a couple sitting at the same table. First hand out, and the husband/wife are raising and re-raising the table. Doesn't look kosher.

Flop is Kxx, I bet, she raises and I 3 bet--can't remember if there was someone in between that I was trying to get HU--Once I 3 bet and it was HU, she calls and exposes her cards..she doesn't ever want anyone to think that we're cheating, squeezing she shows AKQ --AQs-- I show my AKx, fully expecting to chop, I discard the "x" and keep the AK..she surprises me by discarding her King and keeps AQs, since she has 4-flush on the flop..of course, another heart on the turn, and she scoops it, no chop for her!

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I sometimes go for "big" hands in Crazy Pineapple, instead of the safe route. Once I saw you throw away your useless card, I decided not to go for the chop. It's 2/4 HORSE, I came to "gambooool," lol.

Another hand against her, I have AK or AQ, flop is AKx .. she just calls the flop with people to act behind .. when the others fold, and again it's HU, she chuckles, discards, and shows KK for 2nd set .. ouch!)

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See, this is another reason I hate to play "couples" at the table. When one of us does have a big hand against the other, we don't make anything. We eliminate the competition, expose our hands (to make sure everyone knows there is no collusion going on), then check it down. It really sucks.

I just sit there shaking my head. What a waste!
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