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Default Re: Cardplayer Cruise Trip Rport

Kewl report and pics Joe [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] (even if you did catch one of Felicia in some kind of wacky expression, lol).

For those that don't know, I dealt on this cruise for the first time. I had a great time and the people were great.

I'll also agree that most of the games seemed to be on the tight side. Of course, the 2/4 games were the games that people were chasing too much with any piece of the flop (but when there's 6 or 7 people to the flop, that's not always bad). What surprised me is seeing a 4/8 O8 game get folded to the blind! I remember it happening a couple times. I was astounded by that one!

The NLHE games were fun though; I played a couple times. Here's an example: I have AA UTG in the 2/5 blind game; made it 25 to go, and got FIVE callers!

Thanks for helping Felicia get the HORSE/CORSE games going! They were a blast! I had fun playing in them with you guys when I was off. (Just reminded of a fun hand.. I'm early position during the Crazy Pinnaple round with AKx --Axs-- and raise..Felicia's behind me and I see her think about it, but come in anyway.. Flop is Kxx, I bet, she raises and I 3 bet--can't remember if there was someone in between that I was trying to get HU--Once I 3 bet and it was HU, she calls and exposes her cards..she doesn't ever want anyone to think that we're cheating, squeezing she shows AKQ --AQs-- I show my AKx, fully expecting to chop, I discard the "x" and keep the AK..she surprises me by discarding her King and keeps AQs, since she has 4-flush on the flop..of course, another heart on the turn, and she scoops it, no chop for her! LOL ... Another hand against her, I have AK or AQ, flop is AKx .. she just calls the flop with people to act behind .. when the others fold, and again it's HU, she chuckles, discards, and shows KK for 2nd set .. ouch!)

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the cruise, Joe, and thought the staff was good (being that I was one of them ; ) Thanks again for the report and the pics.

Can't wait to do another one with ya!
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