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Default Re: Win a Porsche in 2 1/2 years playing 20 hours a week?

O Doyle,

It looks like you are leaving out the multipliers for silver and gold status that you accrue on the way to platinum.

My hungover calculations look like this (assuming 8-tabling $3-6 short for 360 FPPs/hour at the normal rate):

4.16 hours to hit Silver Status
11 hours to hit Gold Status
28 hours to hit Platinum (agreed)
280 hours to hit Supernova (agreed)


For the first 4 hours of play, 1500 FPPS.
For the next 7 hours, = 2500x1.5 = 3,750 FPPs.
For the next 17 hours = 6000x2 = 12,000 FPPs. (we are now platinum).

For the time we are platinum until we hit supernova (assuming we remain platinum), we get 90,000x2.5 =225,000 FPPs.

We have 242,250 when we hit Supernova.

So yes, your calculations look good. Thanks.
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