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Default One Sucker\'s Thoughts...

I'm UTG with QQ and raise in an 8 handed game, since somebody is smoking. Terrible player calls from near the button. Ulysses cold calls from the button. SB folds, and the BB is the one-and-only, 2+2 (counter)cultural icon, Tommy Angelo, who stopped by to play a bit last night (it was good to see you, Tommy). Anyways, Tommy 3 bets. I call, as does everybody else.

I put Ulysses on a pair between 88 and TT. Maybe AQs, but I had QQ, so not as likely. I liked my hand vs him. Poor player is meaningless at this point, and just dead money. When Tommy 3 bet, I felt a little ill about my QQ. I was about positive he had AK, AA, or KK. He knows that I won't screw around here, and I know that he won't get out of line in this situation. I didn't 4 bet, because I really thought I was behind. If I'm not behind and I get a flop that I like, then I will raise Tommy's auto-bet and clear out the field.

Flop: Tommy bets dark. Cards then come out, J-J-5. I raise. Bad player folds, Ulysses calls. Tommy calls

Tommy betting dark means the same thing as the preflop 3 bet from the BB; AK, AA, or KK. This is about as good a flop without a Q that I could hope for, since JJ is now much more unlikely, so I'll stay with my gameplan and raise. Let's clear out the field and hope Tommy has AK. Ulysses called, which was interesting. I was a little fearful of AJs, but you don't win by being scared.

Turn: 3, or some other blank. Tommy checks, I bet, Ulysses folds, Tommy calls.

Tommy's check is interesting here. I'll bet, and fold out Ulysses if he doesn't have a J... good he folded. Tommy's just calling. Damn. I don't like this at all, but the pot's big enough that he'll see the river with AK.

River: Blank (2). Tommy bets. I call.

When Tommy bet out, I knew he had me beat with either AA or KK. I really wanted to muck it there, as there was little chance that I was any good, but I made the crying call, and he showed AA. I wanted to check the river behind him, and he played it very well by betting out. Ni han, Tommy.
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