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Helps to have reads in a hand like this. I like to raise pf here because AJo doesn't play very well multi-way and most of the time you'll pick up that pot. The disadvantage is that if you hit an ace you're not very happy.
When villian makes his raise on the turn he's got 38.50 left. That means he's committed to the hand, so the question really is do I have the best hand enough times to warrant a call?
How many times is that exactly? You'll have to put in 60 more to see a pot of a little more than 180. 60 for 180, or 3 to 1. (My math could be way off). So you've got to be right 25% of the time for this to be +EV.
Even with those odds I don't call here without reads. What hands play like this that you beat? AK,AJ,AA,KK,JJ,22,Q10,KJ,A2s. That's about it. You're ahead of two of those hands. Alot of those hands raise pf, but still his line of check/call check/miniraise indicates a huge amount of strength especially because he's so pot committed. I let it go pretty fast here.
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