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I posted the below on the Texas Hold'em general board, but I figured I'd repost it here to see if you guys had any more specific recommendations. I'm actually regularly playing in a 25/50 NL game with very little knowledge and it's working about as well as you'd expect. Any help would be appreciated.

>>>> I have been playing for a bit, way over my head (I have more money then knowledge or ability), and have not really "studied" yet but for playing. I have bought a ton of poker books, and read few to none... Sad I know. Well, I'm intending to get serious, and curious what books you guys would recommend for a serious study program. Importantly I'm really interested in the order to read these books as again I've bought most of them, but I use my confusion as to where to start as an excuse to thumb through them all repeatedly but read none... After you all help me I'll be out of excuses [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Thanks!
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