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Default Re: Harry Frazee and the curse

Man, anti-semites are dumb, but "The Peril of Baseball- 'Too Much Jew'" is a hilarious headline.

[/ QUOTE ]

i had zero idea about any of this story. well, i knew about the misconceptions surrounding the sale (NNN being a 2-3 years after etc) and that frazee was hated by the commissioner etc...but i had no idea that he was accused of being a jew and henry ford was such an open racist.

one oddity i picked up on was frazee seemed open to accepting minorities (paying for screenplays from blacks and such) and years later when tom yawkey came on as owner he ran the team from a racist point of view (last team in majors to have a black i think) which is one of the main reasons the red sox sucked during the mid century years. point of my ramble is the sox seemingly would have been much better off with HF staying owner (well he did die in 29 but since he was first to hire blacks on broadway, whos to say he wouldnt have beat the dodgers by 20 years).

welcome back btw