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Default Re: Two pair on a connected/suited flop

I like to overbet in these spots if the stacks are deeper since clueless opponents will often raise me with garbage aces. In your case, I bet $10-$12 hoping to get raised and jam any non-club turn. If there is a reasonable chance the shortstack will push I would never bet more than half his stack for obvious reasons.

If a T, J or K comes off and my opponents called with a gutshot I'm not terribly worried since they'll have called off at least 1/4 of their stack without implied odds. Idieally I bet, seat 6 smooth calls, seat 7 pushes and I get to put my entire stack in with a huge amount of equity.

If you only ever play strong two pair and set hands hard when their is little possibility of a straight and or flush, then you're only ever going to get action from complete idiots.
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