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Default Re: was this handled correctly?

Everyone should keep in mind tho that a "fouled" hand does not directly and absolutely equate to a "dead" hand (a misconception held by the vast majority of un-knowledgable players, dealers, and even floors). A fouled hand MAY be ruled dead.

I see no reason why the floor would summarily rule the hand dead here. If both the player who folded and the player who was still in could clearly identify their cards, the hand was salvageable. But not calling the floor to figure it out is inexcusable.

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Thank you. I was gonna add that. I've seen multiple times when a hand was not called dead just because another card touched it, protected or not. In one recent case, the 9 seat tossed her cards at the dealer and they landed just barely on the unprotected 10-seat's. It was absolutely clear which cards were which, and the dealer watched it the whole time. He gingerly took the cards off to muck 'em when a person not in the hand started shouting "that's a dead hand--kill that hand--kill that hand!" There's like $400 in the pot and the dealer says "I am NOT killing his hand over this" and the lady continues to shriek "call the floor! That's a dead hand!" Floor comes over, listens to the story, and says "no way I'm killing his hand--play on". Nobody else still in the hand is bent outta shape, 'cause it's crystal clear which cards were which, but the lady screaming for the hand to be killed continues to shriek about what a horrible ruling this is and ultimately she picks up her chips and leaves saying she refuses to play in such an unprofessional card room.

This is the same chick who earlier gave me a glare of death and a lecture about minding my own business and how "it's the dealer's job to call the hands--players are not allowed to call hands" when I pointed out that the guy with JJ hit a straight and beat her KK on the river a second before the dealer was about to push the $150 pot to the lady and her KK.

Yeah... don't let the door hit your fat rear on the way out, lady.
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