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Default Re: Is the following thread too dumb to live?

I guess my problem is that while you're right, it's a perfect post for that forum, it's really stupid, most of what's been said is just baselss, and it makes 2p2 as a whole look pretty dumb.

[/ QUOTE ]

As you just said, it does belong in NVG. This is one of those situations in which it's pretty much up to the main moderators of the forum. However, this thread was started on the 22nd, and nothing has been done about it during that time. It would seem a bit odd if it was suddenly no longer allowed after several days on the main page.

Of course, sometimes threads that have been up for a long time get worse and worse until they are eventually locked. But generally those cases involve insanely long threads that refuse to die or discussions that have turned extremely ugly. I can't recall seeing many threads locked after being up for days just because someone decided that the subject matter of the OP is unacceptable.
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