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Default Re: 1/2 PS LO8 hand - is this hand played properly?


Definately fold preflop. You have no real low hand and as a result you'll most always be playing for half of the pot. One of the things I've been trying to focus on is trying to play hands that have good scooping potential. In this case, the only way you can scoop is if in the end the board shows A25, A23, A24, etc.

One of the best flops you can make, besides the flush possibility. However, it's still very likely you're playing for half the pot. Good call on the flop.

I like the raise what is most likely the nuts with a freeroll to the nut low. I don't see this ever being a bad play.

BB bets out unexpectedly. I'm not sure if a raise here is a good play as there aren't many hands that would donkbet here that you beat, especially with all of the turn action. I hope you didn't get surprised by 6T or TT and got scooped. Any comments on my line?

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