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Default Re: $20 - weird two pair I played awkwardly

Push the turn. How many times before people stop getting FPS.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm actually not trying to be fancy. I don't want to push because I'm not sure I have the best hand. What's his range at the minraise?

Q9, 79, KJ, KT, J9, 88, or maybe trapping with AA/KK/QQ. (with QQ being really unlikely)

I may have pushed in other circumstances, but the minraise set off my "wth" alarms. Naturally, it usually means a hand is really weak or huge.

After the river card came, I just decided he had probably seen me make enough continuation bets that he thought I'd just fold up to a raise, so I bet out again because I'd decided I probably did have the best hand, and he did his best to disabuse me of that nation.

Results below in white:

<font color="white"> I reluctantly called his push, and he turned over Q9 for the flopped nuts. </font>
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