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Default Re: Does a Better Player Play This Differently?

Raise the turn, bet the river. By this point if he's decent it's quite likely he slows down with AA, and is definitely paying off with some worse hands. I think he's got TT a lot here too.

What I'm wondering though is if I'm villain and I have AA and you raise me on the turn, should I be 3-betting you given that I just said he should be paying off with worse hands. If villain should be paying off with QQ or TT, that should logically mean that he's beating enough hands with AA that 3-betting the turn with AA no longer looks like spewage. However, when this action occurs and I have TT-QQ, I feel like I'm never getting pushed the pot, which means I should be folding to your river bet, in which case if this is true it's better for you with your KQ to be calling the turn and calling the river (or betting if checked to).

So much to consider. For now, I'm gonna stick with raise the turn and bet the river. BTW, I rarely raise the flop since I find what happens for me too often is the blind folds and I get 3 bet. Or if the blind calls after I just call, it's with a hand he woulda called two cold with anyway (and this type of described blind is still calling two cold with AK or AQ).
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