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Default good or bad play?

My question is wheather or not this was the correct play?

final table

aa in seat 1 is a lag preflop but poor post flop play
dd in seat 4 is tag and seems solid
ff in seat 7 is agressive but seems to overplay marginal hands

Table 13 - 2000 / 4000

Seat 1: aa (49,150)
Seat 2: bb (88,600)
Seat 3: cc (34,450)
Seat 4: dd (31,500)
Seat 5: ee (67,800)
Seat 6: ff (57,200)
Seat 7: gg (61,600)

Seat 6 posts the small blind of 2000
Seat 7 posts the big blind of 4000
The button is in seat #5
*** HOLE CARDS ***
aa is dealt TcTd
aa raises to 10000
bb folds
cc folds
dd reraises 21,500 to 31,500 and all in
ee folds
ff (small blind) folds
gg (big blind) calls 27,500

is this a proper lay down or a bad lay down based on the math and the reads of the other palyers?

It seems to be based on the math this is a correct call.

results to follow later
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