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Default Re: What do you tell yourself in a slump?

I've had a rough December playing different tournaments. I started entering $10 and $20 tournaments and though I don't see that much of a difference in the talent level between a $3 (there is some, but still huge donkeyfied hands left and right in the 22s) I've lost more than my buyins. I've made some dumb plays, I've lost a handful (that's being generous) of coinflips and a ton of AKs to AJs.

A part of me tells myself to step aside, enjoy Christmas and start up January 2nd after re-reading HoH 1&2.

Another part of me wants to enter every $5,10,20 on the planet, play my game and try to hit the first career win of my life.

Anybody have any thoughts? A part of me wants to quit this and a part of me wants to fight through it.

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If youre talking about MTTs, all you can do is wait out the bad runs..they happen often. The worst thing you can do is radically change your game at the higher limits. If you want to experiment with a LAG approach, do it at stakes you were winning at so you have a basis for comparison.

I also don't believe LAG is likely to work well at lower limits anyway. Playing middle pair is hard enough with opponents you can put on a hand, and who are aware enough to make plays on. When youve got a bunch of calling stations you will score big occasionally, but you lose so many of those marginal hands I think its tough to make it profitable.
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