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Default Re: Do I need to pay this off??

I'm a 37/28/2 player there overall

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow. Even for 5-handed you're an exceptional uber-lag.

I love those stats!!

Are you just stealing the blinds from UTG with K2o or what??

Are you 3-betting in the SB vs. a steal with J7s??

Seriously...I would be very curious what kind of standards you have to play 37/28. If you can't simplify them that's fine. This just has me uber-curious about your uber-laggyness.

[/ QUOTE ]

I just loaded up PT and I'm not quite as laggy as I thought. Average 5-handed (4.96), 22k hands, I'm 34/25.7/2.23 (2.75/1.97/1.59). Most of it probably comes from defending a ton (FBB 47.6) and stealing a fair amount (ASB 39) but I'm honestly not sure.

AP 5/10 is where I do a lot of what I call my 'experimentation' with my play, based on player types I'm up against. Recently I've started a flavic-style capping with a wide range against SB/BB 3-bets when you're in position. I've tried other things too like openlimping OTB more in 3-handed games, coldcalling from the SB, etc., to try to satisfy my morbid curiousity about different 2p2 dogmas. It's fun and it keeps me from getting bored. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Since I basically effed up this thread I'll try to add some content to it:

Filtered 4-6, I am 31/23, which is relatively sane. VPIP/PFR by position:

Button - 31/30
CO - 27/26
MP - 23/23
UTG - 24/24
BB - 36/13
SB - 35/22