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Default Re: Trip J\'s weak kicker

dont like the play on any street. none.

[/ QUOTE ]

[/ QUOTE ]

Wow guys, good job giving OP any real advice.

First of all, in an SnG (which is basically what this is, probably shoulda posted in that forum, this is MULTI table tourneys) I pretty much never open complete. Either in early stages or later stages for the most part. Obviously somewhat dependant on my stack/his stack size. But more important is how I think he will react, if he's been known to play back at me, I'll often fold J6s here. So my standard line PF is to raise to 3x the BB, hopefully he folds to you, and your read is that he should as he's pretty conservative/tight. I'd fold to an all in, or almost any raise that isn't like only a blind to call.

On the flop I think it's risky to check this, I would have just bet. If he folds that's fine, after all you only have TP w/ a weak kicker. If he calls we also get some info.

Turn is fine.

I'd call this river. You have trips heads up. Maybe he slow played something, I dunno I guess I could let a read tell me to fold, but he didn't even raise the turn or bet the flop and could have. That's a real slow slow play. Sounds more like he thinks you're bluffing and is trying to steal back. You're in the money, and need chips to try to make first, I go broke here.

I'd call, you have trips. Sorry if it didnt work out.
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