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Default Re: A more retarded hand of PLO8 you wont see in a long time.

Ribbo, I used to respect you after following your posts in your own forum. At times, you supply great advice for all of us who aspire to be better than average at this game (OH8). But your arrogant replies to any critique that comes your way makes me lose most of the respect I ever had for you as a person. You might be a good, even great OH8 player, but in my opinion you are a weak discussion partner.

As for the hand in question, I would absolutely have made the call preflop (as I am a decidedly loose player preflop but an IMHO above average player postflop). The flop was great for at least half the pot and I think your raise was correct. But in a loose game, as you have stated this was a case of, I also think a 356 straight draw call was valid. K356 less so than A356 of course, as it has no chance of catching the nut low. As Mendacious pointed out before, someone might hold kk (and even a2kk), but your raise is still more than defendable. Come turn card, I think your shove was a case of disappointment-tilt; a combination of wanting to represent nut high and low, and of wanting to isolate a nut low/no high to heads up action in order to catch the deuce that could bust him. But even these things considered, it's not a terrible play, because come river card you might have one or more players quartered or worse. Considering the AA23 call on flop: would you have folded in a loose game? End note: my condoleances to a bad beat.

Good luck