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Default Re: Animal pain, suffering, and death: why does it matter?

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Ex. someone may spend much of their life (taking a journey)abusing alcohol or drugs. Then later on, they have a change of heart and realize they have gone down the 'wrong' path. There are individual rights and wrongs as well as societal rights and wrongs. Individuals probably change their ideas of right and wrong more often than does society. Most laws (codified right and wrong) change incrementally but an individual can have a completly different view of right and wrong at different points in their life. IE. compare a child's moral compass with that of an adult.

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I don't understand your point.

Are you saying that one should abide by the laws that govern them?


That all that matters in life is that an individual looks inside himself and is content with the path he has chosen? (even if it is in conflict with society's laws)
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