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Default AKs, missed flop...push here?

3rd hand of SnG, no reads on anyone yet.

First pot I enter, I pick up AKs. Blinds are 10/15, villian UTG+1 limps. after a few folds, I raise 60 (5x bb raise). All fold to UTG who calls, and UTG+1 calls as well.

Flop comes [ 9s, 7d, Js ]

UTG checks, UTG+1 comes out betting 100 into a 190 dollar pot.

I reraise to 300, UTG folds, UTG+1 calls. Turn brings 7s, making 3 spades on the board. UTG+1 pushes, and after some thought I fold.

Good play? Should I have pushed on the flop? Since I had missed it horribly and with a potential flush draw out there, I figured a reraise may win it there but it obviously didn't.
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