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Default Re: Hung myself by my own hooks

Personally, I think that hand went exactly as you could have hoped for (except for losing of course)

I know that you are on the bubble here, but I'm not hoping for a steal in this situation - I'm hoping to double up and get back into contention for the win.

If you have been making a ton of steals, I think this is a great hand to push because you are likely to get called by weaker hands that are looking to catch you in the act. Maybe on the bubble a coin flip (even a small edge) is not a great idea?

I don't know. I just think that you are going to steal a lot and even if you are called, not many hands are really gonna scare your jacks too much. QQ, KK, AA is all that really worries you. The only way to avoid paying these hand off is just to fold the jacks outright (or by raising small and checking and folding to a Q,K, or A bet big on the flop) - and 4 handed there is no way I'm doing that.

Interested in others opinions here
Brad S

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