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Default Re: Hung myself by my own hooks

I can't advise you to train at a lower level (I don't even now if there is one) so hang on, it was a bad beat, it happens.

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what do you mean by train? do you mean practice? I mostly play the 5 & 10 SnG's because I don't really want to pay more for the game, although the few 30's I have played I actually enjoyed playing.

On the flop with small cards, I would have moved in

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I was thinking this myself after the hand, I know that the only hands that will call here are hands that are or have the potential to dominate me, so maybe I should have seen the flop here before pushing. I sort of thought if I had played it this way, I probably would have won the hand. So I guess I am asking if you guys like this kind of strategy in this situation, with say pocket pairs like 99-QQ.
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