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Default my strategy...

...was to bet the minimum and let the others bust out. the chips don't carry over from round to round. for example, six (out of fourteen) went on from the 1st to 2nd round. it didn't matter if you had 14 in chips to make 6th or 1400 to be first, you all start with the same in the 2nd round. If you last thru 3 rounds, you make the final table and are "in the money" for at least 500...

in my case, in the second round, on the last roll, (with me in fourth, and four players advancing)the 5th and 6th, places made no moves to get ahead of me, hoping i would shoot myself in the foot somehow i guess, but the 7th place guy had just enough to pass me if he put it all on the field and hit. everyone bets in order on the last 3 rolls. i saw him place it of course, but didn't know how to combat it. i knew if he hit it he beats me, but if i put some chip on the field and lose, (he'll lose too of course) then the fifth place guy moves into MY spot. so like i said, i just stayed put and tried to throw a non field number but the crapsgod had the final say, "not today hillbilly". if there was another solution to my problem, my simple peabrain could not come up with it in the heat of the battle, heh.

i talked to some veteren craps tourney players and almost to a man they said the tourney is usually won with a big field bet.
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