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Default Re: Why do you play no-limit? Why do you play limit?

Some choose the no-limit route, some choose the limit route? Some may dabble in both. What are your reasons?

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1) I can't stomach throwing 30BB into a pot and losing to a 2 outer. Thus, I play limit.
2) I can push marginal hands in limit without being force to fold a huge bluff. The highs and lows of limit seem much less extreme.

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These are common reasons for people not playing no-limit, and they both stem from the same cause: not being adequately bankrolled. If you're playing $25 NL w/ a $200 bankroll, losing your stack can be traumatic; if the bankroll is $1000, it's no big deal. Just a part of the game.

Why do I play No-Limit?

1. Limit bores me.

2. I enjoy the freedom of setting pot odds.
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