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Default Re: Is This A Leak Or Standard?

$33 Stars Blinds 50/100, 7 Players, Hero approx 3000, Villan approx 3500.

Dealt to Hero AK

Villan UTG raise to 200
Hero calls mid-position.
All others fold.

Flop A,Q,7, Rainbow

Villan checks,Hero 275, Villan Calls.

Turn 4 (completes rainbow)

Villan checks, Hero 400, Villan Calls.

River 8

Villan checks, Hero?

My tendency is to check behind here, thinking that a caller will be beating tptk and hating a re-raise...

Is this standard or a bit weas, as villan has shown no strength throughout the hand?

[/ QUOTE ]

Put yourself in Villains shoes for a second... if he really had a monster it's unlikely he'd check the river unless he's getting really fancy. He'd want to extract maximum value from a monster and checking the river doesn't necessarily achieve that. If he had bet the river i would only call, but since he's checked, i'm betting here and making him pay for getting involved in a hand with Ace-inferior kicker.
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