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Default Re: Sanity Check - Back in the saddle

The blinds are very large compared to your stack. you would be putting half of it at risk with 94o against a short stack move which is virtually almost any "Face Card". So you would more than likely be behind. not to mention if you lose you would only have 2 rounds worth of blinds and would have to resort to playing the weaker hands yourself. At least you still had a cushion. The utg would still be on an uphill battle and would have to continue to play the weaker than usual cards.

[/ QUOTE ]

The blinds are too big and your odds are too good to fold here.

According to ICM...

Folding = .3221

Call and win = .407

Call and lose = .2889

.3221 = (.407)(x) + (.2889)(1-x)

x = .281

Do you think 94 is less than .281 against pushers range?

Even if you lose you still have a lot of FE.

I can't imagine folding here.
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