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Default Re: Low limit ring games more profitable than STTs?

For me the appeal of SnG isn't from playing 1 table it is from playing 8-12 tables at a time. Can this be done on limit ring? I don't know but let me throw facts at you.

- SnG at the lowest levels can be broken down into formulatic playing aka, once you get used to the system, there is a straight forward method of playing which guarantees you money in the long run. (provided you playing the levels appropriately, don't tilt, and truly know what you are doing)

- Tilting on a tournament will cost you at the most X dollars. (cost of the tournament you are playing) The funny thing is, tilting the correct way can almost be appropriate play. If a player tilts in the larger blinds, and just starts pushing left and right, he might find himself winning the tournament. Ring play, however, is less forgiving on tilting.

- Tight players don't clear bonuses on sng. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] So when a bonus hits, the play won't dramatically change.

- A majority of people playing low limit SnG play them completely wrong. They play loose early, tight later, when it is actually the opposite.

- 8 tabling, 30-50 buyins is good for low lmit SnG. 8 tabling $0.50 - $1 with only a $300 bankroll. 8 tables with $300 = $37.50 per table. If you play with $37.50 per table, during some sessions, a table or two will go broke.

- SnG, on average probably take 40-45 minutes. If you bust 10th, you are playing for 10-15 minutes, and some wins take only 40 minutes. Whenever I run an 8 game set, I normally finish the last game after 45 minutes. Once in a while they run long.

I'm not disagreeing with your calculations, or points, just bringing you some SnG facts.
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