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There are many poker applications of Bayes' therorem which is what this is based on. Sklansky gave an example recently from jacks or better draw poker where the odds that your opponent has a set go from 2% to 10% once the player opens since you now know that he has jacks or better.

In fact, much of reading hands involves modifying the probabilities of what hands your opponent has based on additional information you gain on each round by the way he bets. You in turn attempt to keep your opponent from doing the same thing to you by making him miscalculate the probabilites of certain hands that you might hold. You do this either by playing in a way that changes the probability of the hand you are holding relative to other hands, or by sometimes playing hands in a way that is different from how you normally play them so that your opponent will miscalculate on future hands.

Revealing information which causes others to calculate whatever probabilities you want them to calculate is also used between nations in economic matters.
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