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Default Re: Question for the BW Folks... and others


I just did a search of Prima Poker and came across about 20 sites. Does anyone play at any of these other sites? For a while I thought that BW was a site that investigated how stable and reliable a poker site was. I have come to understand that it is just an affiliate like many others. The question is, how is the reputation of the other sites not listed on BW's Prima section?


[/ QUOTE ]

BW is an affiliate site, but we pride ourselves on providing non-biased reviews of the sites that are listed. All of the data gathered on the reviews is objective, solid information from hard data (clearance charts, overlays, qame quality rankings, customer service reports etc). Even the popular Bonus whoring 101 guide is done with bonus whores in mind, and not profit! This explains why easy to clear bonuses like the Party skins, Cryptos and Primas are listed so high in the guide and the first sites to whore. If profit was our main concern, Full Tilt, Noble Poker and Games Grid would probably be our choices. I find it suspicious that other whoring sites have these shitty bonuses at the top of their site.

The only thing requirement of the BW101 is that it maintains consistent with the rest of the site (this is why Multipoker is not listed).

BTW, most of the other Primas are reputable, although we wont offically endorse a site until it is listed on BW. We plan on eventually adding most of the remaining Primas to BW, but we are in the process of adding other networks and sites before doing so.
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