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Default Re: Ye Olde Bankroll question

It seems the consensus is that a safe starting bankroll should be about 50 buy-ins. Assuming 10+1 play, thats $550.

Would it matter much if you single-table or multi-table the tens? Is a starting BR of 50 buy-ins enough for someone who wants to 4-table?

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I would say 30 buyins is fine for someone who isn't playing for a living. It's like this, if you play substantially worse at 4 tables at a time compared to 1 table at a time then yes, you need more bankroll. If you're like me and you can play 4 tables better than or at least as well as you 1 table, you're fine with a reasonable bankroll. I find it easier to play better poker with 4 tables running than 1. With 1 table I tend to get bored and try to run some Fancy Plays and stuff. 4 tabling I'm a machine who very rarely feels tempted to do something dumb or tricky.

If I was 1 tabling and trying my absolute hardest, I would feel just fine with a 10 buyin bankroll, as long as going completely broke wasn't the end of the world. Right now I like to maintain a 50 buyin bankroll for morale reasons. Dropping 10 buyins is no problem if you have 40 more behind.

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