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Default Re: 2 strong first hands of 50+5

DISCLAIMER: I play $11s and not even those so well.

Hand 1: I think you probably should have raised more preflop. Note that in the second hand you open raised to 75 and still got action. Popping to 60 with another 30 already in the pot and a slightly cheaper admissions price to those two limpers is going to let more mediocre holdings in.

That's problematic on the flop because it makes QT or 44 a real possibility. However, given (1) how deep the stacks are and the possibility of extracting more chips from you and (2) how relatively uncoordinated that flop is, I think QT, TT, or 44 play it slower. The kind of hand that pushes with a raise/reraise in front of him probably does not have you beat (with the exception of AA or KK that wants to shut the action down, but those hands tend to raise preflop). I'd imagine in a $55 you see a lot of foolishness like this with people banking on the fact that no one wants to bust on the first hand. I call and start up another one when I get sucked out on by KQo.

Hand 2: Fold. That push means some AX w/o a spade wants to take that sucker down. You're drawing to the nutflush, but I personally don't think it's worth it given how few outs you have if he holds the ace.
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