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Default Re: Poker Combinatorics.

i.e. Opponent has a given hand range after he bets the river--say KK-55, AKs-A5s, AKo-A9o on an AA532 board. I have A6. How often do I have the best hand?

[/ QUOTE ]

Hands you beat: KK to 66 (48 combos),
Hands you have tied: A6s (1 combo)
Hands that beat you: 55 (1 combo) + AK - A9 suited or not (20 combos) + A8s - A7s (2 combos)

A5s is hard to know because it depends on the suits on the board and in your hand. For example if you know your opponent can only have the A [img]/images/graemlins/club.gif[/img] and the 5 of :club is on the board then a5s is out. So I'm going to amend your range to exclude A5s.

Therefore, you are 48-72-1. You will win about 40% of the time.
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