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Default Re: u want media distortion, ill give u media distortion


It's easier to prove Poker logic since we can use logic and mathematics to come to the correct conclusion. But, you will notice that there are plenty of posters that sign on to this forum and don't do the math, and basically make themselves look like fools to the guys like Malmuth and Sklansky.

There was a discussion on public radio a few weeks ago that proves your point about the crowd size for demonstrators. They had a statician on their program that explained that the crowd counts could be done if the media rented a helocopter. But, what has been proven is they make up a number that sounds resonable. Sometime, they exaggerate it to stress either who's side they are on or to sensationalize the story.

People will tend to believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. That's why religion is so popular. Religion is basically a government. When they don't have the answer they always say "God works in misterious ways."

There have been many cases that proves media bias, but we only know it's not true is when they admit it themselves. Like the 60 Minutes issue with CBS on a tobacco story that they canned due to a CBS merger. So, money was the issue in that case.

A good documentary is the PBS film The Battle over Citizen Kane. It reveals how William Randolph Hearst used the media to print made up stories to sell more papers. He eventually had a newspaper in every city. The paper made him so powerful that he used it to get elected to government by influencing public opinion. Go see the film.

You can't believe everything you see in the media, especially if that media organization is owned by a large corporation. These corporations have the tendency, just like Hearst had done, to censor the news.

The only point I want to really get across is that everyone should think for themselves, and don't believe everything you are told.

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