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Default Why is ATI (Video Cards) Down?

I bought some ATI (Video Card Mft) stock back in November when it was at 16.10. The stock went up to a bit over 20 before sliding down to it's current price of 17.12.

eTrade Info on ATYT

I'm wondering why this stock has been slipping in January. All of the current press (and past years press) has been good for ATI. It seems like they have become the dominant video card company, and they're moving into new markets with TV settop chips, etc. ATI chips are in more and more laptops, built into more desktop motherboards, in the new Xbox, even in the new MAC Mini. Star report says the stock is undervalued below 19.80.

What gives? Is this just a small affect of the larger market downturn?

In any case, this looks like a good pickup at the current price.

- Jason
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