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Default Re: Play two tables

i accept the difficulty and variance comments - thank you

but in fact i was only using the 10-20 and 20-40 tables for ease of calculation

the same principle would apply at any levels - if it costs you twice as much to win the same amount it is not an "ev+ play" unless it takes you 60 pots to win the subject amount at the higher level as against 30 pots at the lower level

the "boredom" comment may be true - it is an internet phenomenon that people become more bored at a faster game than they do at a live slow game - i guess it is because you can't interest yourself in watching people's facial tics during the hands when you're not involved - perhaps one way round this is to constantly ask for hand histories and read them during the game - the folded showdown hands that you only see via a hand history can reveal a lot about the present makeup of a table, rather than waiting until tomorrow to find out that "pokermeister" was an idiot who called with any two
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