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Default Re: winning percentages of starting hands

Thanks for the link, I didn't know about pokerstove, it's nice.

I've written software that does this too, however, there's no GUI. It's only console based though. Plus it only has the Monte Carlo feature and not the enumerate all feature.

One nice feature that mine has is that you can create groups (for instance, I can force player N's hand to be from some range of the Sklansky groups). This is nice when you want to figure out your approximate % against a tight raiser in early positions, but don't know what hand he exactly has, for example. Mine also gives a breakdown of the hands you won with.

I will send the executable to anyone if you private message me. However, there's no GUI so it's not for the computer newbie.

As a side note, on poker stove, do you know why the probabilities come out differently when you run two random hands against each other?

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