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Default Re: Looking for some intermediate advice

Being unclear I will reformulate, what I just wrote

The we might just as well play chess remark is to be seen in this light:

In chess there is some, but far less variance than in poker, so if there is the slightest difference in strength between to players, it quickly show and the worse player gets spanked (you do not need a sample of 10000 games, a mere 10 games might suffice as a significant sample .. a 100 games is more than enough)

As a consequence of this, there is zero money to be won in the world of chess if you are not a worldclass player. (That is the price for not having big variance, no money)

But the question of this post is, have to minimize variance ??

Originally it came as an, How to minimize variance in stud ... but I more wonder, which game to play to minimize Variance Hold'em or Stud ?? (And yes there is the good old stud8 answer to this as well, which brings us to the next question. Most tend to agree that hi/lo games are harder on Fish, do they move on quickly and just leave the regulars or ?? (I haven't played that much stud8 as you know, but am considering giving the 2/4$ games on party a shot)
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