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Default Re: Two personal beliefs and their consequences

The fact is, the demon CAN predict what you will do -- it's just that by telling you in advance of your action, he is adding another cause into the equation. Just like entering a # into my computer program adds a cause in determining what # is printed on the screen.

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Yes but the demon knows this just as I know the computer program will display a "1" if I input "0". The difference is every prediction I make with the little computer game is supposed to be wrong and I am most certain they would all turn out wrong. I know that it is impossible for me to make an accurate prediction.

According to determinism every prediction the demon makes is supposed to be right. Determinism also holds that there is nothing the demon is unable to predict. It holds that if the demon predicts that I will eat the ice cream, then I will eat the ice cream. If the demon predicts the next character printed on the computer screen will be an "0", then a "0" will be displayed regardless of what key is actually pressed (the demon already knows what key is going to pressed).

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