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Default Re: Lisa Lampanelli on Comedy Central

Seriously, I knew this bitch was funny but my god. I don't think I have ever laughed this much at a standup act in my life. She keeps going back to all the people in the crowd shes joked on while shes telling stories. It's almost like she is up there without any kind of routine at all.

I'd love to sit up front and get joked out by this bitch.

[/ QUOTE ]

It's seems pretty obvious that going to the crowd is a scripted part of her set. I mean, she knows in almost any crowds she performs in front of their is going to be
a black guy
a gay guy
a hispanic guy
an old guy
(they even hint at this during the closing credits when they interview members of the audience and ask which part they played in tonights performance.)

She basically just plays up a bunch of non-politically correct humor Archie Bunker style which comes off as shocking to us as we've been force fed PC drivel for the past 15 years. And since she has the appearance of your typical middle aged soccermom it it totally unexpected coming from a woman.

I only watched the past 25 mintues of this comedy central special, and I definitely thought she was uniquely talented and enjoyed it, but it's pretty obvious why she comes off as entertaining.

[/ QUOTE ]

this is what comedians do. they make fun of stereotypes. some people talk about airplane food, some tell long stories of adventures, some impersonate others, but all of them are making fun of a certain stereotype.

i never was shocked that there was this 'soccer mom' out there saying this stuff, i've heard worse from my own grandmother, but it's definately the way she delivers the material that makes her a cut above the rest.
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