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Default Re: Pay Day!!! (or is it?)

Are you really living paycheck to paycheck? If you are, then maybe you shouldn't be looking to blow money on partying. Even if you are not, the $5 in interest that you are missing out on isn't worth pissing off your boss.

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When did I ever say I was going to blow it on partying? I mean, I'll probably go out for New Year's, but I'm not going to be running up a $300 or $3000 bar tab.

Unless she's a 10.

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Sorry, someone else in the thread mentioned something about needing partying money. Anwyay, my point stands. The interest you are losing out on is trivial. If not getting paid on time bothers you that much just say to your boss on Monday, "Hey last week you were not here on payday. In the future, what should can I do to ensure that I get paid right away?"
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