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Default Re: ATs vs K5o....was the play wrong?

your raise preflop in that spot with only 6 players was OK,
you flopped a full house wich is a very strong holding,the chanse that someone would hold AA and draw you out with a bigger boat is very little cus nobody reraised you, so the slowplay on the flop was kind of right, but the check was to weak, you should have bet the flop, since there is a good chance they would put you on a bluff (continuation bet) and therefor they might believe you bet the flop even you didnt hit it,, and than on the turn your play should begin to be very aggressive, you did right here, you raised, cus it looked you had action from a flush, and you got a flush beat already, you where ofcourse beat anyway, but the chance that someone would make a royal is very little, you where very unlucky, but dont bother with that, if you make this play you will make money over time, even if you are drawn out to a royal every 100 hands or so, the other guys play was really bad, he should not even be in the pot with that hand, but be thankful he was, after all, this is the kind of players we make money on, please exuse my bad english
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