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Default Re: Transfering files through a network

Okay, sorry. With the laptop on the network and from your desktop computer go to "start" then pick "all programs" then "accessories" and you should see "windows explorer" (xp). (alternatively I think you can do "start", "run" and type in "explorer").

Start that then go to the menubar at the top and under "tools" you'll see "map network drive". When it prompts you for a folder, click "browse" and look for your laptop somewhere under "my network places". You'll likely have to click a "+" or two to reach the laptop. When you find it click on the (laptop) drive.

If there are no permission/user complications you should now see your laptop drive showing up on the desktop windows explorer (that you started with). Now you can treat the laptop drive just like it was on your regular desktop computer. A real windows expert could probably describe this better or knows a better way but for now this should do what you want...

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