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Default Re: Hijacked ssnl thread, Labrador Retriever Question

I've been around labs my entire life. My father, mother, grandfather, uncles, cousins, all were lab people. Labs of all three colors and some with odd color combos because they were part some other breed. I've owned three myself since being an adult. I've not noticed a correlation between intelligence, behavior, and health with color.

One of my labs was of average intelligence I'd say. The other two were dumber than a box of rocks. What they are great at is finding ways to food. They are persistent and smart at trying to figure out how to get the food bin open or the kitchen cupboard open. They are loving and easy to train (as compared with some other breeds).

But nothing seems to go with a given color. Though I will retract that statement a bit ... in my experience the yellow labs seem more likely to become sedentary later in life and enjoy sleeping even more than most dogs I've seen.

The other dogs I've had in adult life are Alaskan Malamutes (I've had three) and I'd suggest most people would be much better off with labs.
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