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Default Re: $60k in 60 Days - Days 1 and 2


I woke up and did some light cleaning (much more needs to be done before I move out next Friday)


Let me get my facts straight.

You are taking a cruise then spending the following month in Cancun but first you are attemting to win 60k in 2 months (which you expect to either accomplish or come damned near accomplishing) and today you woke up and did "a little light cleaning" ?

None of my business, I guess, but did you ever consider . . .


The girl who cleans my house charges $75 for 4 hours; I generaly make it 100 even unless I ask her to do something vile such as the oven (old cast iron model - no self-clean) or remove old and apply new wax to the hardwood floors in which case I add a few $$$.

BTW, she's 19, a college student, hot as hell, and might well do it topless for the right amount. (Would never offer - too risky - offend her and I'll never be able to replace her).

It's OK to spend some of that wealth - really, it is OK.
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