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Default Re: $2/$5 NL Live hand

tough hand

Lets see here... You could very well be facing an overpair or 86 for the straight or a set. My guess would be 86 since it seems like a set may raise the flop given there could be overcards to the jack which may end action and the draw heavy board. It could also be two pair.

Anyway, given stack sizes, Id just call the turn. If the river comes a spade, pushing seems fine. If not, check-calling seems the way to go. I just don't think 3 betting in this spot is great since it may induce folds from worse hands that are drawing slim (except overpairs, those you won't necessarily mind folding) The stacksizes make it complicated since you can't b lock bet the river and get away from it comfortably.

Do you ever check this turn? It just doesnt seem wise to play a big pot on the turn.
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