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Default Re: Fold a Full House on the River?

If you have correctly put him on a hand, and you are ahead, then the turn bet becomes a simple matter of counting his outs. When you make the turn raise I believe there is $468 in the pot and the bet to villain is $100.

Just using approx. numbers since you've only got a few seconds to do this you should know that villain is ~4-1 to make a better boat. So, 4 times he'll lose $100 and one time he'll win $468 for + $68. Plus he might get more when he hits (implied odds).

So clearly at the turn your bet amount is incorrect. You need to make it so that if villain calls he is making a mistake. Since villain is also considering his implied odds you can easily take them away by making a BIG BET. This NL right? With a bet to you of $100 the pot is ~$268 and your call makes it ~$368. If I've figured this correctly you have $300 left, so you should raise all-in.

Now the pot is ~$668 and the bet to villain is $400. Clearly it is not correct for villain to call with these odds, plus you have taken away the implied odds.

Pay attention to the duck. If you aren't willing to fire at the pot and represent a set, thus knocking villain off TPTK then don't play the small pp.
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