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Default Re: Stud/8 overplayed hand

I haven't decided if I would muck this on third or not. You have a decent hand, but a ton of your cards are dead. The most important thing though I think, is that there are tons of wheel cards behind you. I guess it would depend on how the table is playing and if I thought I could get in for just the BI or not.

The fifth street raise is perfect IMHO. Seat 7 is almost def just betting his board. This is a good raise.

Sixth street sucks not bc you played it wrong just because he check raised you. Obvious call since you are still drawing to at least half of the pot, maybe the full pot, but it looks like to me this guy could very easily have a flush.

Seventh I wouldn't be paying off unless I improve to two pair or hit my low. I think you need to fold in this spot.

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