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Default Re: Short-term-results-oriented thinking

I didn't mean to come off as dismissive.

OK, what American has this happened to? Are you talking about Padilla? The Buffalo 5 or whoever they were?

Similar things have happened in the US before. Members of the American Nazi Party in WWII, not to mention the American citizens of Japanese descent that were interned into concentration camps. This was FDR and this happened in America. We survived WWII with greater freedom and prosperity after, am I right? Lincoln suspended Habius Corpus in the civil war. Seems everyone except the Southerners were OK with that one. J Edgar Hoover did everything you are talking about and more.

Is it frightening that there are forces within the US Government that can do whatever they want unchecked? Well, yes. Is it anything new? Not exactly. Should you and I be worried? Doubt it. Is it a necessary evil? Maybe. Can you or I change it? Maybe. Would it do more harm than good? Prolly.

The fact we are having this discussion in a thread about a ficticious story is what really frightens me.
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